Is there other way to make a GROUPED static mesh?

Yes, there is an Actor Merging tool which you can activate via Editor Settings > Experimental > Actor Merging. Once you enable it restart the editor, then select the meshes you want to group > Window > Merge Actors. It will let you adjust the settings then create a new mesh in Content Browser that includes all the selected meshes in the level.

I want to group my static mesh (e.g. wall & window mesh),

  • I don’t want to use group [ctrl + g]
    because I can’t use the result in the
    actor that I’m currently developing.
  • I was hoping not to create another actor to group my static mesh so that I could standardize the procedural actor into using static mesh only.

Do we have a feature that groups a static mesh to form a new static mesh?


Thanks exactly what I was looking for, I hope they make this a permanent feature :slight_smile: