Is there going to be a font kerning option in UMG?

Is there going to be a font kerning option in UMG?

Kerning can be controlled inside the actual font asset. Are you asking if there will be a way to override that value from UMG?

Right now I’m directing the font to the font folder in Unreal (Engine/Content/Slate/Fonts)

It looks like you can control kerning if you make a new font asset from the content browser (Create > User Interface > Font) and set the caching to “Offline”.

I don’t see a font option in the content browser. The only things available under the User Interface selection are Slate Brush, Slate Widget Style and Widget Blueprint.

A proper “letter spacing” or “tracking” option would be great appreciated for us too - similar to Photoshop’s (separate from actual kerning, which is probably a misnomer here?).

I did try to use the “kerning” option in the Offline Font settings to add spacing between all letters, but for some reason it doesn’t seem to apply to spaces (eg. spacebar). So since letters are now further apart, you can’t really tell when there are spaces between words.

Unfortunately “Offline” cached fonts are not supported in UMG.