is there Face AR sample for ARCore too ( like there is one for ARkit)

Hello i was going through the article here : . Is there something similar for ARCore ( android ) too ? If no can Epic games create similar article for it ?

If I’m not mistaken, no. The ARKit is developed by Apple and the kit is what is used for the FaceAR sample project.

Basically, if you want to “use a smart device” to capture facial animation, you have to use an Apple product. I just upgraded to the newest iPhone in order to jump into this.

Ah , yeah i was hoping there was something like this in android space too. ArCore has no such support i guess.

ARCore has Augmented Faces Augmented Faces developer guide for Unreal  |  ARCore
it justs needs to be added to Face AR Sample for both devices Android (ARCore) and iPhone (ARKit) they both have their own facial tracking features.