Is there anything I can do to make them look better? AA

So I’ve added a two sided texture to a shape plane, but it gets super fuzzy when I move camera around, the texture is 1920x1080, not quite sure about the size of the plane. Maybe it is too small? Maybe it is AA? can’t figure it out how to make it look sharp and not blurry. Any ideas?

the picture on the left looks like mip maping. which is when the engine uses a smaller version of the texture at a distance (or angle). this will be effected by the mip settings in the texture and the engine scalability settings in the engine. you probably want to try these separate solutions (from least to most drastic):
1.set your settings>engine scalability>texture to “epic”.
2. making the texture square and or power of two e.g 1024x1024 or 2048x1024
3.turn off mip mapping in the texture settings under lever of detail>Mip Gen settings
4.if you dont ever get close to it ironically it might be less blurry if the texture was closer to the size on screen.

hope that helps.