Is there any way to rotate the camera without affecting character movement?

Hi all,
I’m working on a 3rd person project and I need to be able to move forward and backwards without the mouse rotation affecting the character movement. Is there any way?
I’m a beginner, so I apologize in advice.

Just uncheck this:

( I think )

Mmh that seems to disable the camera rotation. I want to be able to move the camera freely but without affecting the character movement.

Sorry, didn’t check it :slight_smile:

There’s a lot of options in the boom and character component. I’m pretty sure one of them does this…

To be clear: you want to move the camera forwards and backwards?

Then you need a bit of code to change the boom arm length.

By default, the mouse rotation doesn’t affect the character.

While I’m moving with the character, if I rotate the camera with the mouse the player rotates with it. What I’m looking for is to keep moving on the same direction even if I rotate the camera. Thank you for your answers :slight_smile:

I made a default third person project in UE4, and the character doesn’t rotate with the camera.

I made a video so it’s easier to explain.
In the video I’m just pressing w and moving the mouse and the character rotates. What I looking for is to keep walking straight without the camera rotation affecting the player.

You can just uncheck this

but I think you’ll find it uncontrollable :smiley:

Mmh that’s not what I’m looking for either haha. The character still moves with the camera rotation. I just need to go from point A to point B in a straight line without the character moving or rotating with the mouse.

Sorry. I’m being a bit thick here.

It sounds like you want a totally independent camera, aka, resident evil style?

Or do you want to move the camera around freely, and the character freely?

Don’t worry it’s hard to explain. The cameras of resident evil are static on a place right? I would like a camera that follows and rotates around the character as the one from ue4 but without affecting any movement or rotation.

Try do this !
In the ThirdPersonCharacter Blueprint,
Uncheck ‘Use Controller Rotation Yaw’

And in Event Graph Tab of the Blueprint,


Yeah I think that might be it! Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

Ok, but how do you turn around now?.. :smiley:

Check ‘Orient Rotation to Movement’ to true.
This option is in
ThirdPsersonCharacter Blueprint → CharacterMovementComponent.

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