Is there any way to reduce my PC's memory usage?

I’m nearing 100% RAM power with barely 500 meshes on my terrain.
What am I doing wrong?

Two things:

  1. Do they all have different materials?

  2. Are you using the Megascans stuff?

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Yes to both of that

With materials you may use instanced materials, use atlas textures.

But seeing you use megascans, i think it can be impossible to save on textures.

Hi, I’m no expert, but there are a number of ways to reduce RAM usage during construction. The main one I know of is to reduce the rendering quality of the project. I found a number of helpful vids on YouTube, but the gist is that if you have it set to “Epic” render quality (which is the default), that’s huge, and it will look fine on most PCs at medium quality. Someone here will have exact locations, but again, search YouTube>Unreal>Reduce File Size.

Hello! First, you need to optimize your textures usage to reduce unecessary high resolution maps. You can do it setting up a limit for each texture used in scene. This tutorial show the proccess to do this, in details.