Is there any way to detect object/human body by using android camera for UE4?

I’m trying to develop an AR project by using UE4 which should detect objects or human bodies by using an android mobile phone camera. I found some open source solutions for Android as TensorFlow Lite. I also found some TensorFlow examples ( as detecting and reading numbers on an image ) but I couldn’t find out that is there a way to use these codes for my application in UE4.

Hi Kayikci,

Did you find a solution by any chance? I have came across the same situation. Found solutions for Android application development but I am not sure if the same holds good with UE4 pipeline for Tensorflow as well. I would like to know if there are any sources to follow to achieve it.

Thank you.

Hello, unfortunately, I haven’t found a solution yet. It seems it’s possible to modify and add new features to ue4 TensorFlow plugins. However, I don’t have enough coding experience. Some people suggested the modify mobile phone camera, adapt TensorFlow first to the camera and introduce it to unreal engine as an android camera but, still I couldn’t do it.