Is there any way to access the files in the content folder via blueprint ?

I want to iterate all the textures and take only the ones that meets the conditions.
I need to make an array of about 1500 textures, and to drag them one by one could be really annoying.

I’v noticed that if i make an ADD node for an array of textures, and then disconnect it, it gives me the path to the texture instead of the texture itself, and it looks like this :

Texture2D /Game/Textures/T_Tech_Hex_Tile_M.T_Tech_Hex_Tile_M

But i don’t find a way to convert a path into an object reference, is there any any i can do it ? and if this is not possible with blueprint, how can i make a blueprint node via c++ that can convert paths into object reference ? it could be real useful if someone can make it.

YOu are trying to use images to make end game movie? Wouldn’t it be more efficient to just convert it to a movie format?

The project i’m working on is on 4.2 ( only 4.5 can run videos as textures in materials ) and i also need to fade it in and out on a certain moment in the game, and, no c++ in this project, so this is the best solution i’v found.
I’v tested it with a short video and made about 50 instances of it while they all run ( replacing each texture in the material every 0.04sec ( 25fps 1/25 ) and the performance are great. I don’t know why no one else have thought about it before. it is all working excellent but the part of filling the array ( Currently i have to drag the textures into the array one by one ). I need to find a way to iterate it and it will be great. i know in c++ it can be done very well and i saw some example in a search in google but i don’t know how to do it only with blueprint.

Sounds pretty cool, would love to see some videos of it in action.

Personally, I am an advocate of being able to do everything in blueprint, so I hope you find a solution.

Talk to Rama. I bet he can make a node that works for you. :slight_smile:

Thanks, i will try to talk to him.

Ramas teh man, & yes, I like to see your texture in action as well.

Ok i’v made a video, notice that in this video i use 100 frames of 1920x1080 each in 25 fps. i spawn a lot of instances of this video in this gameplay.
Also, the frame rate in the video itself is not smooth ( Specially at the first 2 seconds ), i noticed it only after i imported it into UE4. but the performance of the game itself while running the sequence are great.
I have gtx680 but i ran so many instances that i don’t think it will be slow on weaker machines .
I also have recorded myself talking if you wanna listen :slight_smile:
Video :

And this is the whole blueprint actually, very simple :

Interesting, I save the blueprint for future reference.

My main concern is RAM. 1500 images at 1080p will eat a lot of RAM? Wouldn’t it. Have you tested it on a machine with far less ram?

Why can’t you update to 4.5?

I didn’t try it with so many images, this is not so fun to drag them one by one :\

This project is done and this is the only thing to add, and when moving to newer versions there are always bugs and i don’t have time to check the whole game again, i got only 1 day or 2 to finish it.

I am also an advocate of BP having as much power as possible :slight_smile:

And yes I can make a node for this, one sec!


Dear Sahkan and Everyone,

**Two New Nodes

Get Object Path & Load Object From Asset Path!**

I have created the node you requested, and also its compliment, so that you can get the asset path of any object from the world during runtime!

In my test case I specifically loaded a Texture2D from asset path :slight_smile:

I gave you the same code I use in C++ with my in-game editor that saves and loads levels for my game to compressed binary files :slight_smile:

More info here and download link here!


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OMG Thank you so much man !!! :smiley:
I’m gonna try it right now !

I’v just tried it in 4.2, and it gave me these messages :
Clicked “Yes”.
Starting to compile with a small loading window for about one second and then :
Clicking “Yes”.
Editor starts loading and then :

Afterward the project started and all seems to be good, there Victory plugin is checked as installed but there are no new nodes between the blueprints nodes.

Is the new code contains elements that are not in the 4.2 version of the engine ? :\

I compiled the BP library for 4.5 :slight_smile:

You are still on 4.2 ?

I can recommend upgrading at least to 4.3

If you do 4.3 I can get you a 4.3 version


I think i will be able to make the array in 4.5 and move the uasset files to the 4.2 project version, i need to try.

I’v just tried to install the new plugin on a new blank 4.5 project, and this is what happened ( also happaned in the previews version before this one ) :

Clicked “Yes”
And then it shows this for 1 second or so :

And then it gives me this :
I press ok and nothing happens next.

This is how i’v installed the plugin :

DLL files are there no doubt :

Any idea what is wrong with my build ?

I am not sure what your issue is, because I am using 4.5 for the plugin too and it works great!

The Test I Did

I just did the following test:

  1. copied the entire folder that comes as my Victory BP Plugin over to a BP-only 4.5 project

  2. opened the project

  3. added some of my BP nodes to the level blueprint

and it all works great!

I am on 4.5 full release, and again it is a BP-only project I am testing with, though I’ve also tested with full C++ projects as well.

Are you using The Github verson of 4.5 ?

My tests are working out great with full release 4.5 so I dont know what to tell you, also no one else has reported any issues with 4.5 version of my plugin so far.

I am not sure what’s going on with your 4.5 build!

I’d be happy to help if I could reproduce the issue but its not happening for me, in either C++ or BP-only 4.5 full release :slight_smile:


I’v built it from the source code, maybe i should build it again, so weird, i will update here after some trials. till then, Thank you very much, you’v been a great help ! :slight_smile:
Oh and if you can make a 4.3 or 4.4 build so i can try it there, that would be great :slight_smile:

no no!

if you are building from source code that explains the issue!
Github and full release versions of UE4 stopped being binary compatible back in 4.4**

So you cant ever treat them as the same

I dont see what the issue is though

if you have source code just use my full Victory BP C++ source code that I give you with every build and compile it yourself!

Every version of my plugin that I’ve ever released contains the full source code!

  1. Just start a new C++ project using your github version, then copy over my entire download, and compile.

  2. Once its done, you can copy the .dlls over from your new c++ project to your main project which may not be C++ based.

  3. Now this compiled version of my plugin will be binary compatible with your custom github engine version :slight_smile:

And make sure you are using my latest version, dated today


NNNiiiiiiiiiccceeeeee !!! Gonna try it right now !:smiley: