Is there any way to access the files in the content folder via blueprint ?

Awesome this is working !
This is what i did if anyone want to know .
Created a new c++ blank project in 4.5, compile it ( takes some time ).
Then, add the plugins directory with the victory plug in it ( Like you would normally ).
And now, when the Editor said it need to recompile, it recompiles and not failing like before, and then this is all good and working.
So i guess only c++ projects can recompile stuff.

Pretty awesome!

How do you save that video as textures. Is there a program that does this or did you do it frame by frame?

VirtualDub ( Open source ) .
Export => image sequence. ( There are a lot of programs that can do that ).
I am doing the same now on longer video which is 1500 frames and it takes all day just to import and save the images and also it is gonna take about extra 1.5gb, i will update about the performance of it once it is done .

Ok after made that array of 1520 frames and start running it. it ran it but after 2 seconds it started to make little freezes in the game ( Probably because of the memory been full ) So i guess this is only good for some really small videos like the one i have in my video :expressionless:

I wonder if you can scale the resolution of the textures down to help with that issue.

Also, perhaps there is a way you can forcibly remove textures from memory that have already been viewed? I don’t know about the lifecycle of such data in the memory, but perhaps it is piling up or there is something else going on.

Could this do more of the array building task that was enquired about at first?

Such as Get Object Path of one texture, find all the other textures in the same path as that object (ie, the Get Object Path without the object itself), so they can be put in an array…

The “Load Object from asset path” is always failing on me : / tips?

I’m able to get an image in the same way but not a “Primary data asset” ? Is that a limitation

Darn, I was looking for a simple node/answer and found this

You’re amazing bro! Thank ya!