Is there any Unity-like multiplayer component in Unreal ( plugin or marketplace asset )


Multiplayer in Unity is so simple, exemple with photon: you add a component to your object, and boom, everything is sync

With Unreal you have to send everything to the server, then do a multicast or client cast, it’s over-complicated

I saw there is a photon plugin for unreal but i don’t see any component to add to sync everything without worrying about send to server - back to client

Not that I’m aware of, but with so many free example projects floating about and several multiplayer marketplace assets, does there really need to be one?

I like the authoritative Server model UE4 uses and as long as you follow certain guidelines it makes a lot of sense.

  • Player input gets handled on Actors the individual players own (like PlayerController or Pawn)
  • Replicated variables gets set by the server and is replicated to a client or clients to record the state of the game.
  • Unreliable Multicast RPC’s calls “unimportant events” that doesn’t affect the overall state of the game.

Hum, i was able ( thank to a good tut ) to make all animations, bullets, respawn, health, capture the flag, ai, but it was so hard and time consuming it was not really fun.

And sometime my brain would be like " i dunno what im doing, nothing make sense here ", and of course the horrible lag, also the debug is a pain