Is there any tutorials on setting up Post Process Volumes?


I am working on a little game project to get my skills going as a level designer so far i been able to build a decent level. I am a novice at this, my only skill is being Idea guy and i have learned that talent isn’t enough so trying to learn a new skill to add to that. here is a few shots.

these asset was imported from my unity project i never finished.

before i hand it off to the programmer to add some gameplay i wanted to get in some lighting but finding it hard to do with the constant light intensity change as i move around in play mode.

Anyone know how to set you a post process volume or can link me to a tutorial that does?

or how to i fix the lighting intensity changes that happen when i play game?

Do you mean the eye adaption?

This definitely sounds like an eye adaptation issue, although it’s hard to tell from your post if you want to disable, or want to enable it.

i want to disable it for the time being,

Then just take a look at the link above :wink:

This is given me a concussion. I got the eye adaptation to turn off, but now left with this problem. And if i not fix this problem i go have a big issue with lighting the other parts of my level.

This is how i want the scene to be lit (without eye adaptation)

but now this is what i get

both scene has same lighting with no changes and the post process volume.

What did i do wrong? Am i to turn up the light intensity? or go back and fix the exposure setting that keep it to the first one?