Is there any performance hit for non square (but still power of two) textures?

I’m making a bunch of sword models intended for games. The oblong shape doesn’t lend itself well to square textures and I don’t want a seam in the middle of the blade. I’m just wondering if a non-square power of two texture has any performance hit. For example 2048x512

I’m new to UE, but I programmed a lot in DirectX. And there non-square textures should not be any problem, cause technically a texture is a simple memory buffer, and addressing that is always 2-dimensional. It maybe faster to use a 1-dimensional texture, cause there only one index is required instead of the 2 for x and y. You can profile your application to get some Timing Information. However, all that always depends on the sizes of the texture, the GPU Memory load and on the GPU type itself.

2048X512 is still a power of two texture as it would be if it was 2048X2048. From a procedural stand point fixed values is easier to let the software manage optimization requirements so from a processing stand point 4 2048X512 textures is the same as 1 2048X2048 texture.