Is there any interest in a time of day+ weather system pack?

I’m working on a (basic, albeit) time of day + weather system blueprint, and was wondering if I put it up for submission to the market, would anyone be interested?

I’m currently seeking creating some Weather for my game, getting the systems in place piece by piece. I suppose it would depend on what your system has to offer.

Current plans for this system include:

-Functioning day/night cycle with separately controllable sky horizon, sky zenith, sky light, cloud, cloud shadow, fog, moon and sun colors, intensity, opacity and bloom. (done)

-Run-time day/night cycle speed and direction changes, toggleable time display. (done)

-Pre-set but customizable weather profiles that affect wind intensity, lighting, fog, cloud and cloud shadow density and color appropriate to current weather profile and time of day (in progress)

-Particle affects and screen decals for rain, lightning (planned)

-Appropriate audio for wind, rain, ambiance, depending on the currently active weather cycle (planned)

These would all come with custom textures for clouds, night time sky, as well as a textured moon mesh.

If you can make rain like the opening of Crysis 3, you’ve got an instabuy right here.

does it also have the following:

  • does the sun set in the west and rise in the east?
  • the ability to drag & drop custom weather particles and sounds?
  • a way to set how often bad weather hits an area?
  • is there a way to effect the water/ocean? Because you know, you get an ocean change with bad weather
  • ability to control the density of fog with dials?
  • dial control/make different clouds? Cloud System
  • editable skybox? Sky Master

I’m sure I forgot somethings, but I think you get a general idea. I would rather have a system that compiles all the basic sky stuff into one package, instead of hoping that another asset will come along and fill in the gap

Yes i am interesting…have you got pictures ?

Absolutely interested!

Depends on price but interested. Time of day is pretty easy to do a basic version of, but if your version has a few neat bells and whistles like weather, would likely be interested. :slight_smile:

very interested

Yes please, when is this coming out?