Is there any game export to ios successfully.? The game graphic so ugly

I did successfully to my iphone 5. But it doesn’t really beautiful at all. It like an apps without install any graphic software. The graphic of the apps didn’t run smooth and detail. Do I do something wrong with all the material? if you look at the items you create it. It just fuzzy. I saw some video on youtube looks good.

how can i export as the video did

Mobile GPU are not capable as normal GPU not all features are avable and games made for mobile need to have graphics more limited, the OpenGL ES3 is more capable and iPad in YouTube video got newest ES3 capable GPU allowing to make more fancy graphics… or its really well optimized graphics for older gpu. Try mobile examples, specially the church one and try making something similar, if something becomes ugly, fallback and undo

where can i find more examples with that ? I try to dig it out. But only with the video. I can’t find any more information with anything yet.

Read whay ES1, ES2 and ES3 can do and not, i know also ES2 in UE4 does not support dynamic lightning

Now i have export a normal scene to the iphone. I still no idea what to put in. Because the basic no idea how to edit first.

This is the ugly part.

Anyone help ?

Hey William,

I have been able to see what you are describing on an iPhone 5. The reason why the project is showing the walls and boxes as kind of ‘serrated’ is because of the GPU trying to catch up with the rendering. If you stand still and only use the right analog on the screen, the walls will not change how the edges look. If you use the left stick and move forward or backwards, then you will be able to see the edges move.

With the video that you have attached, you will notice that the user will only use one stick at a time to allow for better visuals. Also, the device they are using is probably using Metal for their device, which is not available for all devices. I know that the iPhone 5 does not support metal, or if it will be supported at a later time.

Let me know if you have any additional questions.

Thanks and have a great day!

I export it into ipad 2 and result looks a little bit better but still remain the same. The edge are not straight and you can see the sun just like that. Does it normal to you with the game engine design. I never done mobile game but i guess it will happen like that. I don’t know should i need to do something else. I saw some game they do export very well.

I saw people export into Architecture Real-time<<< Really good.
Even >>Epic Zen Garden they do successful. That means i did have do something wrong.
I try to get to know how to achieve it Any idea?

I try to get to know what is the menu bar made of does it UMG?