Is there an easy way to gut ACES from the engine?

I’m not going to lie: I hate ACES tone-mapping, even the concept behind it.

I want to replace it with a new tonemapper, but it looks like ACES has it’s hooks in all sorts of places, making it a pain to easily replace.

Is there a simple way to gut ACES entirely from someone who’s tried it/is doing it? I know there is always the alternative of using the non-ACES tone-mapper, but I don’t like the idea of leaving the heavily bloated ACES shader in to slow things down.

While game integrations don’t get the full benefits of ACES, you don’t like the concept of a colorspace designed to simplify the workload for getting a game to look similar across different display types, including SDR and the current HDR displays, but HDR displays of the future as well?

I can understand not liking the default tonemapping curve, since even in film the falloff to black was harsh for colorists(thus ACEScc and ACEScct, maybe more…), but Epic has provided individual points to adjust the curve for the shoulder, slope, and toe to push the overall look based on your individual needs.

Is there something more specific you have an issue with? I don’t know exactly, but I believe using a different tonemapper would then use a different branch of code, correct? I’d expect most of the ACES code to be “disabled” so to speak in that case, but ACES and the tonemapping seem to be separate in code so I don’t know if anything else uses either one.

I’m not here to argue with people about the pro’s and con’s,I’m saying I have made my decision that ACES is a bad idea,as well as the whole concept of a “filmic tonemapper” in general. I have a different approach in mind and would like to use it.

I understand how gut the shaders as I’m good with HLSL,but I’m not the best at C++ so I could use some help there.

Please answer if you can help me and aren’t instead trying to understand my motives. Thanks in advance.

Just replace PostprocessTonemap.usf with your own implementation. You don’t need to clean anything else it will not slow down your game at all.

The shader will not slow anything down if it’s not being used. If you disable the film tonemapper via the console variable or replace it entirely by using a PostProcess material, the ACES shader will simply not be used during rendering at all.