Is there an animated texture tutorial?

Hey guys, first post here so my apologies for posting this here if it is indeed the wrong place to do so. I’m jumping into UE4 and have been watching a lot of the tutorials on the official youtube page. There are a lot of great videos and it is great that they are up there for beginners! I do have one thing that I can not find out for the life of me, even in tutorials for older versions of the engine

is there a tutorial anywhere for animated textures that are applied to an imported mesh?

For instance; an emissive map that specifically illuminates a certain part of a mesh, say a light that animates between 2 or 3 versions of itself, almost like animation frames? The first thing that comes to mind is a lot of the signage that Rocksteady created in Arkham City

or something very similar to this (specifically the blue dots only moving);

I have searched and searched and I have not coming across anything specific to this subject. I have saw how to turn lights on and off with triggers, but nothing where textures would just animate (loop) forever. I’m not sure that would be handled with manipulating the material or if it would be handled within kismet. My apologies if this is simple (which I would assume it’s not the most difficult thing to do), I am just unfamiliar with it. Please excuse my ignorance on the matter, I am still trying to get used to the visual aspect of the material editor. It is awesome, but at times I must admit, I was usually just the texture guy while attending school. Shaders usually were handled by others or the programmers when it came to school projects. I would really like to learn as much as possible, the lighting aspect of the engine is gorgeous!

Thank you for the help, and for having me on the forums! I greatly, greatly appreciate any info or direction that someone could help with!

As your thread is related to texture, i moved it to rendering section.

Thank you Fen

You’ll want to use a time node in your material.

Pylb, thank you for the response, that definitely helped. I ended up using time plugged into Cosine/Sine and multiplying it with my emissive map, simple enough. I have a pretty good fade-in/fade-out pulsating effect going on.

I guess the next question I would have is;

Would I just set a model up with it having a few materials (we’ll just say 2 to keep it simple), and basically create an instance of the original “pulsing” material and just time them differently to fake an animation (it would basically be the same, just a different color emissive map on a different part of the mesh). I could see how that may work by tweeking the timing, but would that be the most resourceful way to do so? I would think there is a way to do this in a single material?

I guess it would ping pong between one light being on, the other off. Switching between the two

While not exactly what you are looking for, the following tutorial might give you some pointers.

Let me know if you have any questions or find something confusing.