Is there a way to "Use Complex as Simple" for static meshes flagged as Movable?

Hey everyone. So I’m building this katamari-like game where you can climb on junk as an octopus that rolls around:

I’m moving foward and looking at climbing on static meshes instead of primitives. I built a simple little piece of coral that has prongs and a stalk that they come out of. Collision with it as a static mesh set to immovable works great when setting “Use complex as simple collision”. This lets it use the actual mesh as the collidable surface. The static, immovable setting seems to have a couple problems for my usage.

First, the static setting includes a bug where the mesh takes no indirect lighting, so that’s not too awesome. Second, it breaks my implementation of attachment, because I need to move the mesh the tentacles collide with in order to have the constraint attach properly.

I looked into using the Movable setting for my static mesh. The “Use complex as simple” setting looks like it disables collision on static meshes that are set to Movable. Authoiring custom collision inside the static mesh editor is definitely a possibility. I also saw that I can author my own convex hulls in Maya and import them. This looks like it may work well enough, but it will be very labourious and best case scenario I will wind up with something identical to the “Use complex as simple” setting from the immovable setting.

I could approximate the collision using capsules inside the static mesh editor, but this will require a lot of work, and the tools are not super refined for doing a lot of this work. It also appears that custom authored collision on static meshes gets cleared when you trigger a reimport of the asset, so that’s not too awesome either.

I guess my question boils down to: Is there a way to “Use Complex as Simple” for static meshes flagged as Movable? If not, is there a way to easily author convex hulls in Maya that will replicate the source geo?

Turns out Havok makes a tool as part of the Havok Content Tools that will decompose a mesh into any number of convex hulls. I’m going to give this a try for now.

The Havok Content Tool, Decompose into Convex Meshes, is not included in the free version of the Havok Content Tools. Super lame! Ah well, I’m still on the hunt for other solutions.

Anyone have any good solutions for this? Still trying to find a simplified way to use the FBX pipeline to decompose a mesh into a series of convex hulls to be used by the engine.