Is there a way to use blend modes on sprites?

In paper 2d, is there a way to use blend modes on sprites to change the way they blend with the background? Basically, I’m looking for an equivalent of this plugin:

Is there a way to do this in Unreal? I see a way to do additive and modulate using the material blend modes, but feel limited by these blend modes and can’t seem to make an alpha work if I’m using these blend modes since I can’t choose masked as the blend mode.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

You will need to make some custom sprite materials.

Start out by making copies of Translucent Unlit sprite material. Select it in the content browser and hit Ctrl+w to duplicate.
Always make a copy in case you’re not happy with your changes, you won’t mess up the default material.

Additive and modulate support transparency. You just have to hook up the alpha channel from the sprite texture to the Opacity input like this:

Epic has a lot of those photoshop blend modes as material functions available from the get go.

I need the same thing to work in my game. These answers don’t seem to cut it…

I just want to multiply my sprite and my background, but I can’t since they are different materials.

Totally great idea. But what if you`ll need someone to write my paper? I think you should think more properly about that, dude