Is there a way to 'text edit' a blueprint?

Is there a way to ‘text edit’ a blueprint? or some other form of manually editing the blueprint outside the editor?

It would make it allot easier to cut out the bits of a blueprint that is causing the editor to crash, or the corrupted bits if it gets corrupted.

You can copy BP’s and paste them in a text editor, and copy them back when you are done.

Can you do this outside the editor?
If so how? I attempted to open a blueprint file in notepad, and it was just a bunch of symbols.

You can only copy them while you are in the editor. You can’t do this outside of the editor.

Everytime I select or right-click the bad blueprints, it crashes the editor.
Is there a way to mass copy everything to text without directly clicking on the blueprint?

Right click on the blueprint object in the content browser and export as Unreal text object “COPY” and you can open it with a text editor.


I guess you said it crashes when you right click, there isnt anything else you can do I believe.

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In that case I posted a suggestion in the feedback forum.
Suggestion post.

I am guessing the Feedback forum is the right place for that?

Thanks anyway for the help.

EDIT: Updated the link.

Ok. So after logging in today and letting the launcher update I was able to get the project to load without crashing.
I don’t know exactly what in the launcher update changed things tho.
Before I was unable load the project unless I removed the Level_Example.umap.
However, after the update it was a different blueprint that was causing a crash.
To get the project running again I had to remove all blueprint references to that one file.
Then I was able to add it back in and the project loaded fine.

Im now in the process of recovering what I had to cut out.
(Im going to first export everything to t3d just incase)