Is there a way to stream levels into specified position

Hello! I am trying to create a runner game. For this purpose I need to generate level programmatically (with level blueprint in my case). The best way for me to get a beautiful level pieces is to create each peace as separate level. This levels could have a baked lightning and other level-benefits. But I need to stream them in specified position which depends on player position and other parameters. How can I do this in blueprint or in C++ code?
Thank you!

Isn’t this covered in the ExampleContent? I might be wrong, but I’m pretty sure there’s a whole level in the content dedicated to Level Streaming.

Head to the Marketplace (When you load up UE4, Head over to the Marketplace tab on the top right and install ContentExamples)

Once downloaded, open UE4’s Editor and open Project > ContentExamples

Go to “Open Level” and it’s under Level Streaming I think.

I know how to stream level. But my question is how to adjust it’s position after. I will see if the ContentExamples have this topic covered.
Thank you for your answer!

it does have position KitatusStudios nailed it spot on