Is there a way to stop DBuffer decals from writing Spec information?

I’m trying to do a Quakey retro-style game, so I have all my materials’ Specularity set to 0. This was working great until I started using mesh decals, which seem to use the default specularity setting, with no option to change it.
Is there anything I can do about this?


Thanks! :slight_smile:

Would like to know too. Our programmer ended up making an engine change so decals didn’t have specular.

Yeah–I’ve been asking around a few places and nobody seems to know for sure.

I’d love an answer, even if the answer is “no, it’s not possible.”

I would also like an answer for this.

It seems like my only other option (for this situation) would be to just used masked floating geo instead of decals, but having the full gradation of transparency would be useful for other stuff I’m working on. Definitely not ideal.

Would be really great to hear back on this!

Trying one more time for an answer–can anyone weigh in?

Which decal type is it set to? There are a whole bunch of them like ColorNormalRoughness, Color, ColorNormal, Translucent, Stain, Normal, Emissive, etc etc.

At the moment I’m using Color–but unfortunately, ALL of the dBuffer types have this problem. They don’t allow you to set a Specular value, so you’d think they just don’t affect the Spec Buffer. But instead they’re all writing a Specular value of 0.5 into the Spec Buffer, with no way to change it. Which means if you have materials with modulated specularity, it’s (apparently) impossible to use dBuffer decals as intended.

It may have gone unnoticed because modding the Specular value doesn’t have a dramatic effect in PBR, but when everything else in my game has Specularity set to 0, the decals stand out like sore thumbs when they catch highlights (even with 100% roughness).