Is there a way to start the Standalone game on the Oculus Rift without duplicating my displays through Windows?

Right now in order to get the standalone game to run on the Rift, I have to do the following:

  1. Right-click the desktop and select screen resolution
  2. Set the option under multiple displays to “Duplicate Displays” and make sure it is set to 1280 x 800
  3. Now, with a skewed desktop resolution, go into UE4 and hit Play > Standalone game
  4. Press ~ then type “stereo on” into the console
  5. Press Alt + Enter
  6. Put the Rift on
  7. When finished, redo steps 1 & 2, setting the multiple display setting back to “Extend these displays”

Is there an easier and/or better way to be doing this? Can UE4 automatically detect the Rift as the second screen and run in it’s native resolution on that only?

Thank you for any assistance on this matter. The Ocuclus Rift is an amazing device and I feel that UE4 has the power to unlock its full potential. I believe that making the process above as simple as possible would be a great help to Oculus Rift development using UE4.

I found my own answer lol. All you have to do is this:

  1. Plug in the rift
  2. Run standalone game
  3. Press Alt + Enter

Done! That is much easier.

Hello VFX,

When you’ve hooked the Oculus Rift up, it acts like a second monitor and should show up on the Screen Resolution display. Instead of duplicating you should try extending the desktop to the Rift. From there (if it doesn’t already auto-detect and move the screen over to the oculus rift headset) you should be able to drag the standalone game window over and Alt + Enter to put it into fullscreen. Let me know if that helps!

-Max B.

somebody knows some trick for 4.12.2? doesn’t work with alt+enter or stereo on from console :frowning: