is there a way to set shaders 5 without having a gpu uncapable of rendering opengl 4.3?

so my problem is that my gpu is not enough powerful to render more than opengl 4.0, which is a big problem now, because i want to work with tessellation, sadly enough, the only way to do this, is to set shaders 5 but it requires you to support also opengl 4.3 and above, is there a way to set shaders 4 with directx11 available?

Simple answer - no.

The tessellation you are after happens directly on the GPU. If the hardware simply doesn’t support it, it doesn’t matter if you find a way to ‘ask’ in software - it just can’t do the job.

how about configuring a .ini or something i’ve seen people editing archives from the ue4 engine allowing them to change stuff like resolution in lightmass

How would editing an .ini file give your physical graphics card a more advanced processing unit that supports SM 5? That’s like downloading more RAM from the internet.

do not insult my intelligence sir, you’re not getting my point

He is correct though. If your GPU doesn’t support tessellation, it doesn’t support tessellation and won’t be able to emulate it. Period.

do i really need to repeat what i said? DIRECTX 11 = YES, TESSELLATION SUPPORT = YES, my problem is that some of the component and materials doesn’t look like intended, with artifacts and all, tessellation works flawless, my issue are the shaders