Is there a way to rotate the pivot point of a mesh to change the front?

Hello, I want to rotate the pivot point of my mesh so that the front is X, is there a way inside unreal engine 5 or do I have to import it all back?

I am aware that I should have done this in the 3d editor I used but I am fairly new to all this so I didn’t know.

The modelling tools will do it


I found the option but for some reason the pivot button is grayed out for me, how do I enable it?

I managed to unlock it by pressing the convert button but I still can’t rotate the pivot I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong though.

I managed to rotate the rotation pivot but I can’t rotate the direction one.

The interface is a bit iffy, but it is possible by changing where you decide to grab the widget.

Ah, it’s a skeletal mesh, you didn’t say that…

You might have to fix it in Blender.

yeah I didn’t know it was relevant, so there is no solution? O well, do I have to remake the bones and animations too because of this?

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If you’re happy with it being a static mesh, then you’re done. Otherwise you have to fix in Blender, I think.

I’m sorry but I’m not sure of the implications of it being “static” mesh, as I said before I am new to this all I want is that the eye side of the mesh to be the front, do I need it to be X for it?

The main reason for having a skeletal mesh, is you can animate it and move the various parts independently.

If you’re not doing that, then it can be static. Which means that it’s just the shape it is, and that’s it.

Ohh… yeah I animated in in blender and imported it to UE5 so i guess I have to do it from scratch in blender? The bones and everything is oriented to the wrong axis.

Yup, then just rotate the whole thing in Blender :slight_smile:

I am not sure of how to just rotate it, I thought I couldn’t just rotate an armature? I downloaded an addon that changed my mesh’s pivot orientation but it messes my animations, sorry for bothering this much haha, i googled alot and I couldn’t find a way other than the addon.

I can send the file if needed so you could tell me how to proceed on it, too much? haha

Hey Hakushi!

It’s not as bad as it sounds. You don’t have to export it to Blender if you still have the original file, you can just reopen what 3d editor you were using and use the file you had before it was imported to UE5. Unless there are things you did to the Skeletal Mesh within UE5 you want to keep, in which case you’ll just rClick it and export it to an .fbx which can be opened in whatever 3D modelling software you want.

Once you set the pivot point the way you want and save over that file, you can rightclick the Skeletal mesh in the UE5 content drawer and select “Reimport”, or “Reimport with New File” if you want to manually select the new one.

Hope this helps!


I will try this, thanks!

I think the only way to change the orientation that I know would work without messing my animations would be to use an empty object though, let me show you a picture of my file.

here’s how I have it on blender, the problem I have here is that when I change the orientation of the mesh and armature is that for some reason it messes the animations (perhaps because it’s using the old coordinates for the animations? I’m not sure).

You’re 100% right @Hakushi!

You might need to go in and make the same adjustments to every animation’s coordinates. Blender might have a simpler way to do it, but I’ve only adjusted the pivot on things that didn’t have any animations attached to them. So anything I can suggest on Blender would be brute forcing things.

Thanks alot both of you for the help! :smiley: I’ll reimport it.

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It worked with an empty, thanks guys!