Is there a way to restart a behavior tree in Blueprints yet?

This was something you could not do a while ago, can you do it now? Essentially if I have a branch running sometimes I want to reset the tree and restart the same branch.

The workaround previously was to have a separate ‘Reset’ branch that you switched to when you wanted to restart the current branch - a flick away and come back kind of thing. is this still necessary?

Uh… behavior trees are supposed to be like state machines which are set based on existing conditions. Resetting a behavior tree ‘properly’ should return you to the exact same state because the conditions evaluate to lead you down the branches to the same node in the tree.

If you want to restart a branch within the tree, you’d want to change the controller / actor state to some sort of purgatory, and then in that purgatory state, switch them back to the prior state. Why you’d want to do this, I don’t know, but it would raise some red flags for my software engineering instincts.