Is there a way to reproduce PSA Velocity in NIAGARA

Hello, my first post here sorry if it’s not the right place, I don’t know.

So, everything is in the title. I have a particle system in niagara, sphere location, Point Attraction Force etc but no way to get that stretch effect with PSA Velocity as screen alignement in niagara because I guess It doesn’t exist…

Someone can help? 2 days spent trying to make it works www

Thank you!

Hey, I just found this post via Google since I’ve a very similar question. In my case I’ve mesh particles and since they are bees I want them to face forward, in the direction of the velocity vector.

My current solution is a Niagara Dynamic Input Script (used as custom particle update module) that takes the velocity vector and calculates an angular rotation from it (via the dot product and arccos).
But this seems to be a quite complicated solution and something like the simple PSA Velocity in Niagara would perfectly do the job.

So if anybody knows more I would be happy to hear about ideas as well :slight_smile:

A little late here, but it seems that in Niagara, there is a property under Render → Sprite render that is called “Alignment”, Here you can set it to Velocity and the particles should face to the direction of the velocity. :slight_smile: