Is there a way to replicate an event to all clients except the client that calls it?

I want to avoid the latency in the client that a character fires a weapon, so I want that event to be executed locally and then the server multicasts it to the other clients.
Is there a way to do this?

In fact, when You fire in UT, You see firing instantly, but server responds for the shot with some latency. So You see Your weapon jumping, but a rocket(or something) will appear only when server will say to Your client where it is.
But what’s intricated in doing that?
Make an action when Your player wants it to be made, but the result(like burning legs and dying frogs) of the action can’t be shown before Server knows about it and tells Client what’s going on.
The action must be broadcasted to every player, yeah. So, Algorythm must contain some method of remembering the source of the action. Therefore Your method of broadcasting must accept and argument that will reference to the client(s?) that don’t need to receive the action. And there in foreach statement just check that current reference is not the reference to the source.

thanks friend, this helps

You can add a branch into your event to check “locally controlled”. If it is, do your local stuff, if not, do the replicated stuff.