Is there a way to refresh the variable referencing in blueprint?

I encountered a problem when trying to copy blueprint nodes from one blueprint to another:

For example I copied the below selected nodes from blueprint A:

And then pasted them to blueprint B, then used right click to “Create variable” for those non-existed variables (Variable_A and Variable_B) in blueprint B:

So after that, Variable_A and Variable_B were created in the blueprint B, and compilation was fine too.

But the problem is if you try to right click to find the reference of the newly created Variable_A, it will only show only one node which was the one got right clicked for its creation…even there are other Variable_As in the blue print, they will not show up in the Find Result:

If you try to right click to find the reference of the other Variable_A in the nodes (not the one used to create variable), it will exclude the one used to create variable.

I think internally UE4 treat the “Pasted Nodes” and the “Created Nodes” differently, even they share the same name, which will likely cause confusion. The workaround is to type the variable name in the “Find Results” window and search, then it will find all the variables sharing the name. This is not ideal since the searching behavior will be inconsistent.

Is there a way to link all these “Same name but somewhat different” variables together so the “Find References” function can work correctly? Thanks!

Its a bug, always happens to me when I copy stuff like that, just delete and drag the variable again and the reference should work fine (when copying better just to promote to variable than create if not mistaken that goes around the problem and works good and dandy).

Thank you! I guess I have to fix this manually then…kind of annoying.