Is there a way to reduce the viewport size?

I was wondering if there is a way to have the camera render only something like 80% of the frame so that I can have like a UI bar on the side or the bottom of the frame. Not rendering those pixels that would be overwritten by UI should give me some gpu performance, right?


I don’t think that your question is understandable. Could you provide some example?

I don’t think that you increase performance when you cover up the viewport with gui elements because they are simply rendered above the 3d viewport.

Instead you should think about the standard 3d settings like changing the render resolution etc.

In the documentation it is called scalability and can be found here:

I know that the pixels underneath get rendered anyway, that’s why I am asking how do I change the viewport size so that I dont render those covered pixels.

I am developing a tool that uses Unreal to do 3d rendering, but it is mostly 2D UI. My guess is that at least 50% of the screen will be covered at any given point in time with UI. Changing the render to a smaller box would probably result is at least a 25% speed up.