Is there a way to recognise a pattern or an image with ARKit and ARCore?

Hi there.

That is the question, is there a way to recognise a pattern or an image? I say that to be able to show specific content when an specific pattern is recognized, like we used to do with Vuforia in Unity.

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There’s no built in marker detection —
Though you could look at hacking together a
solution using Apple’s " Vision Framework " to
detect shapes and so on.

You can extract individual AR Kit video
frames and use that as the input. There’s no
simply way right now ! Vuforia are going to make
an announcement soon re: AR Kit.

> Apple Developers : Vision
Apple Developer Documentation ]

— Chuan

Thanks Chuan!

I´ll give it a look, but this should be implemented for a full AR experience, there is no other way to locate specific points in space apart from markers…

now ARKit 1.5 with image recognition. is the UE support that?

seems that UE not support this function now : (

I found this website yesterday VIRO MEDIA has announced full image-based tracking support for Unreal Engine, if anyone is interesting pleasecontact to them to add Unreal Engine support:

and commend here if you have github: