Is there a way to put pictures on 3D models and make a texture?

It’s hard to explain because I don’t know much about using 3D models or using/making textures. But if I wanted to make a sword for example and I made a mesh of a sword, could I take pictures of a real life sword from all angles and put those pictures together to make a sword texture, or is there some kind of program that makes the texture fold out like this?

It’s painted/textured in 3D and then baked onto a UV unwrap. Pretty much any modelling software can do this.

You can apply pictures of a real sword to your model and then bake it, and you’ll have this kind of an unwrapped texture.

Sweet, thanks a ton man, but do you know any good modelling software (preferably free) because I don’t think you can model too much in Unreal Engine 4.

Blender is probably the best free 3D modeling software around.

Thanks for the recommendation my guy!