Is there a way to only render nearby splines?

Showing splines over the entire landscape drops FPS to unacceptable values making editing existing splines very tedious. I’m pretty sure its something to do with the spline lines being rendered. Spline lines are basically the lines being rendered between spline control points. So my end goal is to be able to work with splines in perspective view-port without performance issues. I see this being achieved in 3 different ways.

A) Hide all distant splines (control points, segments, lines)
B) Hide all distance spline lines or improve their rendering calculation (pretty sure its the line rendering hurting performance)
C) Be able to organize splines into Layers and hide specific layers to cut down on the line rendering.

Ideally it’d be nice if the rendering of splines worked with the (Far View Plane) viewport option. Does anyone know how to accomplish any of these things or know of any tips or can suggest how to improve performance when working with a massive landscape with hundreds of splines?