Is there a way to make particle system to start with particles already emitted?

I’m making fog with particles and the emitter starts shooting at the beginning of the game.
It doesn’t look natural.
I need some particles emitted before the game starts so it will look smooth.
Is there any way to do it?

Start the game, delay, then spawn in the player. That’s what loading screens are for. :slight_smile:

It’s the start of the game, so no one is going to really gripe about having to wait a second or two.

Lol it takes too long for the particles to fill the whole scene. There got to be a better way.

Click on the empty space in Cascade and ramp up the ‘Warmup Time’ - It’ll simulate the particle for X seconds in a single frame. Use with caution though, as it can be expensive to do so too often.

Thanks! Kind of an hidden option though.

Where is this magical setting (Click on the empty space???)

Go to the particle editor (named Cascade), then literally click on the eny empty space just to reveal the default parameters in the parameters menu, then increase the Warmup parm.

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