Is there a way to make certain light to make shadows onlyon certain objects?

I’m using “Ray Traced Distance Field Soft Shadows” for the static meshes.
And I want some skeletal meshes to cast shadows too.
So I want to add an other normal dynamic light that will be there only for the skeletal meshes’s shadows.
But when I add an other light, it will ( obviously ) cause the static meshes I already have shadow on to get the normal light as well.
Is there any way to make certain actors to be affected with certain lights? like light groups or something like that.

Ok I’v found part of the solution.
I’v marked the light as “cast shadows from cinematic objects only”.
And the skeletal mesh as “cast cinematic shadows”.

Now, the problem is that I need prevent the lights to cast shadows on one an other. because it lighten up the shadows and it makes them barley noticeable.

Any idea?