Is there a way to make AI pawnsensing radial?

Trying to make ai go to the players location then do a radial pawn sensing instead of using peripheral vision how can I do this.

I am assuming you are asking how to make the pawn sensing see in all directions (360 degrees). There is a setting on the Pawn Sensing called “Peripheral Vision Angle”, so it would seem like you would just set this to 360. But it looks like there is an unresolved bug where it won’t accept values larger than 180:

However, I wonder if the “Peripheral Vision Angle” is really just a half angle and 180 is equal to 360. Give it a try and see what kind of results you get. If it doesn’t work, then you will likely have to wait until the bug I linked to above is fixed.

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Alternatively you could use hearing on the pawnsensing or a sphere collision volume and check for overlaps.

You could also try the AIPerception, it is similar and should work there.

You are correct. Peripheral Vision Angle is half of the real angle. So 180 degrees is 360 degrees