Is There a way to make a light react to Sound?

Like in Doctor Who, when a Dalek speak, his two “head lights” flash:

Is there a way to make something similar using Point Lights in Blueprints?


you can make a variable for the light force and the sound volume and then animate the variable.

I’m new in ue4 but i hope this helps you.

ummm… Maybe I’d use a Timeline… That animates the variable… Maybe It will work… I’ll experiment a little. It helped, thx.

As i know there no way to visualise sound via blueprint, even in C++ you need to hook up to sound system by reading PCM data, i been playing with sound system myself recently and didn’t yet notice other way then potentially read PCM data from buffors. UE4 sound system kind of design that is quite hard to plug in to it and extend, in roadmap there point to rewrite and working with for like 2 months made me understand why :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you have any luck at all, I’m curious to find this out myslef.

This keeps a point light on while you are play a audio clip. So as soon as it finishes, the light fades out over .3 secs.

Hope this helps a little for now.