Is there a way to limit the bounds of stationary directional lights?

I’m trying to maximize usage of stationary light overlap. Anytime you place a directional light in your world it is global and counts towards your stationary light overlap which seems a big waste to reduce stationary max lights down to 3. Sometimes there are situations, entering a cave or underground dungeon for example, where you know you won’t be using that directional sun light. Is there anyway to put a bounding volume around the directional light such that areas of your level outside of it you could reclaim usage of the 4th stationary light?

You could add a trigger somewhere in the entrance of your cave to toggle the directional light out side of it…

Stationary lights contribute both baked (bounce lighting) and dynamic (direct lighting) so it would have to be something defined at design time before light-mapping occurs.

A workaround would be to put your cave level in another map. Therefore in here you can bake a dedicated directional light. Then in your main level you can decide which light to turn on/off. To merge all your levels you just have to load them as streaming levels.

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And what if we are using WorldComposition? Streaming levels are typically to stream lod. First introduced to support lighting scenarios. We want the outside to be lit with the directional and the inside to look like it has walls blocking the light. Can we file a DCR for bounded directional lights? I know I asked this 3 years ago. At the time there were not enough bits to support the lighting channels. But that system has been expanded somewhat. It is simply not enough to keep thinking like we are all shipping arena games. We need epic to empower us to keep making the next better game.