Is there a way to increase FogDensity over time?

I am attempting to use a FinterpTo to SetFogDensity on my AddExponentialHeightFogComponent immediately after spawning it. The issue is, that no matter what I do with DeltaTime and InterpSpeed my fog either goes from 0-Max in what appears to be a single frame, or it does nothing at all. The difference between these two results is often not much more than 0.001 InterpSpeed. Which obviously is relatively slow. I am trying to add fog to my scene with a TriggerBox, but rather than it pop in at MaxFogDensity, I want it to slowly and organically interpolate. Is this possible? Thank you!

Ooh, thank you for the rapid response! I just got to work, but when I get home tonight I will try this immediately. Thank you so much!

No worries…

Like this:


This solved my issue splendidly. I was going about this the wrong way. Thank you so much ClockworkOcean!