Is there a way to have the 'unlit' and 'reflections' view modes integrated into the game?

Hi, I’m making a first person game. Some sections of the levels I’m making look sooo much better in Unlit or Reflections mode, than in ‘Lit’ mode.

However, I can only access this in the editor.

I want to be able to play the game in these modes, with a certain area of a level being ‘Unlit’, and a certain area of another level being ‘Reflections’.

If this isn’t possible to have different areas with different settings, is it possible to have the entire level play in one of these modes?

I’ve tried going into each material and making them ‘Unlit’ but it doesn’t have the effect I’m going for. I really just need to be able to change whole areas.

Thank you!

(I’m super super new to Unreal, if anyone can explain with detail, I would very much appreciate it!)

first image is SUPER noisy, i can’t imagine that that is what you are really after. you can get that kind of reflections with proper pbr materials and proper reflection actors, minus all that noise.
second image, i can’t even tell whats what, nothing stands out.
not to be “that guy”, but if this is the “way better” versions, what does the game look like normally?.

Ahah thanks for the response.
Those are just super low res screenshots of basic worlds.

When flying around the levels, the reflections have a slight delay and they bounce of every wall which looks cool in-game. Was thinking it’d be more simple to change the view mode via a post-process volume or something.

In the ‘Unlit’ image, the world reflects itself many times with crystal clarity. In ‘Lit’ mode, those reflections disappear. The skybox is also made so much brighter. It’s less ‘realistic’ and more cartoony. I’m guessing this one would be much easier to replicate by making the materials way more reflective, rather than trying to change the view mode. Regardless, it looks cool in game and It’d be cool to design a world around the super unrealistic qualities of it.

Anyway thank you for responding. I’ll try looking into PBR materials and reflection actors. I’ve just been using default stuff.