Is there a way to have SeamlessTravel change gamemodes for clients as well? (In blueprint)

My goal is to have a client that connect to a lobby via normal travel to connect to a P2P lobby, and then have the host seamless travel to the playing level once players are ready.

The breakdown of gamemodes (Each gamemode has their own PC):

  • Default gamemode is set to SplashGM
  • Non connected client level’s
  • Gamemode: No Override Lobby
  • Gamemode: No Override Castle
  • level’s Gamemode: FishGM

When I use execute console command: ‘ServerTravel /game/maps/castle’ my server switches gamemodes and it appears that the server thinks that the client has too because of the server’s log + a pawn spawns from the client’s FishPC, but the client does not reflect the change in gamemode:

So I was wondering if this is something I am not doing quite right, or something that I would need to code in c++.


In this thread I got alot of help with getting this working. It needs some coding in c++ but actually very little.

Hope it helps!