Is there a way to get sunset time with sequencer

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I wondering if there a way to get sunset (maybe the bp sky sphere or something) in the sequencer. I test other things like the height fog that work and I can animated around in sequencer.

I’m using it for motion graphics, why I’m rendering isn’t of real-time.


Skysphere BP uses a completely different method from sky atmosphere.
You actually have more control over colors and the look with skysphere bp, but you also need to modify the material.
The sunset colors are handled in a curve graph, which makes editing them a bit painful.

Before you edit it in fact, make a local copy of the BP onto your project, or you end up modifying the skysphere for all of your projects.

Either way, the sun position and running the Update function will get the sun position to change over time.
You can follow pretty much any dynamic day/night cycle tutorial from 1+ years ago.

Once you have a actor that controls the position, all you have to do is change the function call that alters the position to occur via a custom event.

You then call the custom event from sequencer.

Alternatively, you can also just change the directional light rotation with sequencer and call the update function on skysphere from sequencer too.

I think making your own actor is a better way to go.

As far as getting realistic placement that’s a bit more complex.
Use the sun/sky actor because it does most of it for you.
And you have to poke around within it to figure out where to set the time to the correct sunset - t

Theoretically there is a function to determine sunset time based on location - you can call that function to get the time, then set the time.
They should both be 2 functions so maybe pack them into a custom event and just call the custom event from sequencer once…

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thank you MostHost_LA

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