Is there a way to get better shadows without high lightmap resolution?

Why does this happen???

Shadows are always rounded. Even I try high map resolution like 2048. Im using a directional Light.

Is there a way to eleminate rounded corners. Please look at my picture

Thanks a lot…

Hi Gygoracdes,

If you’re having to use that high of a lightmap resolution it may better to look at the lightmap UV to see if the issue can be resolve there.

There are a few things to check:

  1. Can you post an image of your lightmap UV for the wall mesh that is pictured?
  2. Is the wall indicated in the picture a BSP\Geometry Brush or a Static Mesh?
  3. The lightmap resolution you turned up is the wall that is in the picture, correct?

To go back to the UV layout for a second, if your object is not using this space to it’s fullest potential you can see issues like this no matter how large your LM resolution is turned up.

Thank you!


Thanks for your assistance.

After fürther testing. The resolution was the issue I had to push it to 4096 then it looks really better. It was a static mesh. And I had to push the resolution for the Wall and the floor for a better transition between these two meshes.

But are 4096 Lightmaps very expensive??? If I want to release on a mobile???

Thanks a lot.

Yeah, a 4096 map IS expensive, prohibitively so, especially on mobile. I would look into your UVs as the source of the issue, as Tim mentioned above. They probably aren’t giving much pixel space for detail.

Here is a page from Epic that talks about unwrapping lightmap UVs

Yes it is true my uv s are not proper. I can get more out of it. But the floor has an odd geometry, so I have to split it in 2 pices, to get larger maps for each.

Thank you guys and for the link