Is there a way to fix Xgen hair smoothing groups?

Im using UE5 and i imported Xgen hair using the Alembic Script from Epic Games to get the Root UV’s and i am facing an issue, when i turn Lighting Only mode on and look at the peach fuzz it looks like the normals/smoothing groups are hard or the tangents are broken and in lit mode because of this some hairs are darker than others even though i have a simple color on the hair material.
Is there a way to fix this, i tried getting the tangents from the hair attributes expression node to the material and nothing changes, same for the tangents/normal tab. Used the default import settings and reduced the decimation vertex to 0.2 since it’s short hair.

So if i plug in from the hair attributes expression node tangent or depth( im not sure which one should be used) into the hair material tangent/normals slot if sort of fixes the smoothing group/normals , is this how it’s supposed to be fixed?

This is how it looks like with the tangents plugged into the tangents or normal of the hair material