Is there a way to edit a material and save it as a new, seperate one?

So im a newb here and I was editing some of those splendid existing materials (I just switched some textures to my personal textures), although when I want to save it, there is no “Save as…” option, there is jsut “Save”, which overwrites the existing material (but I want to keep that one too!).
There is probably a very simple answer to my question, but I can’t find it. >.>
Thx in advance!

Right click on the material and Duplicate. Now you can edit and save that material separately.


Using base materials for every mesh is a bad practice. If for your material need change only textures, then you can create Base material with Texture parameter. And then you simply create Instance Material, change textures and assign this shader to needed mesh. If you create complex shader, you can convert needed parameters as input parameters and adjust this parameters in real time without compiling shader.

If you want create new base shader, which looks like previous, but with some changes, just duplicate shader, open it and add all changes.

This is Base shader

This is Instance with default textures

This is two other Instance with different textures.

Thx for the quick replys guys!
I’m just dumb, that I didn’t find out about the dublicate option…
And thx for the detailed explanation svv3dUDN!