Is there a way to do line drawings of 3d models?

Is there a way to have the objects render only as line drawings? In some older rendering software I think it was called hidden line drawing. Something like this:

But not just rendering stills. Almost like being able to walk around in a black and white blueprint of a house or scene.


Look into post process outlines. Tom Looman posts/guides are usually great for these effects.

Thanks for responding. I looked a bit into the Tom Loon and post Process outlines. I’m going to look at it closer, but, but I’m really looking for it just the ability to show the lines connecting the points like you would find in a cad rendering. these old files i made are similar to what i mean, the software called it “GL hiddenline” I’m assuming that was short for opengl. So basically looking at objects like you would see them in a modeling software.

Thanks again for responding

Still, the tutorials show you how to obtain similar results and hide the wire frames in the back or on the inside via priority.

check the Culling Inner Triangles section.
It’s exactly what you are trying to do.

A little bit too late I guess but in the Archvis template under the PostProcessFilter folder, there is a hidden line material already setup for use in post process volume.