Is there a way to create an Object Outline with a material?

Hey guys, I’ve been playing with materials and have hit kind of a stopping point.

So, I’m making interact-able NPC objects, and right now, when you hover the mouse over objects that can be interacted with, I have it set-up to switch to the color of the emissive color:


I like this and it is awesome, but I have decided to only use this method on non-humanoid objects. And for the humanoid objects, I would like to gain an outline, very much like when you have it selected in editor:

Is there a way to do this in the material editor?

I don’t have Unreal in front of me right now or I would just show a screenshot of my blueprint setup.
But I learned how to make an outline around an item when looking at it from this tutorial dvd:

Part 5 has a section on highlighting items.

Watched the video. And it does have the shader info for highlighting and I got it work. I don’t understand it though, but it works. Wish there was more of an explanation. Thanks for the answer!