Is there a way to combine world position offsets?

Hello guys,

I’m not that familiar with material scripting so I’m looking for a little help.

I have a Material function that is added to World position offset of every material in my game.

However, I want some additional world position offset effects to be applied to some special material along with the one above. Is there a way to combine the world position offests?

post screen shots of your material. The Snipping tool built into windows is a great way to grab a screenshot quickly. Just type snip into the search.

You can typically combine effects with either Add, Multiply or Lerp.

Hey thanks, I got it to work. I did tried the lerp and multiply before posting, but did not try add.

Add does it. Thank you for your help.

So add is the solution, let’s mark that as the answer so that way anyone coming across this in the future will know :slight_smile: