Is there a way to change the size of a component by unit and not by scale?

You see location is done by scale: Screenshot - 1979ef72ec3747bacba9a910069e375f - Gyazo

but size is done by scale: Screenshot - 8aee91bf2aaa64b63f3d80aab26bbe46 - Gyazo

With this I can’t set the radius of the circle on my cylinder. I would just do the math to do it, but I don’t have units to work with.

So if I had it in cm i could just decide on what radius I want the circle, and then make the square the size according to whatever radius of the circle I have.

How do I switch from using scale to units?

There is no units for scale because is relative to the object. If you create a sphere in your 3D Modeling software of preference and make it so it has a 1 kilometer diameter when you imported to unreal of course it is gonna be huge, but its scale is 1,1,1 because that’s the original size of the object.

Now, some components do let you modify their shape without changing their scale. For example a box collider has a brush settings that allows that or a capsule radius for a capsule collider. As for meshes I don’t think there is something like that because like I said, it is relative to how big the object is when modeled.