Is there a way to change the camera ray direction of Unreal's path tracer per pixel?

Hi there, I’m currently researching ways to simulate fisheye lenses using Unreal for my bachelor thesis, and the most straightforward one would be to use a path tracer where I could define the camera ray direction per pixel according to the lens distortion model. The effect would be similar to the Panoramic camera mode in Blender (example video here).

There sadly isn’t any documentation on such a feature in Unreal’s path tracer, but maybe, just maybe, someone on this forum could have an idea for a workaround. I would be thankful for any replies :]

If ou ever find one way, that would work for normal render methods, please let me know please ^.^
For your pathtracer, if you don´t find one, you could at least try to recreate the required lenses in UE :rofl: I mean, the pathtracer respects refraction of glass…

This was the result after using this circle texture with a range map node as inpout for the refraction input ^.^

Here is a diagram of the required lenses… good luck :upside_down_face:

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