Is there a way to attach Mesh to some position of Material ?

I’m making underwater scene, and my caustics is nearly done, now I’m considering making of light shaft. In my caustics material I used my water material Normal Map to calculate is dot product with Light Vector, and if higher than some value then I let a value, say 1, to pass to a multiplier with my material’s color. And now I’m wondering if I can use the same procedure, to make UE4 automatically judge where to attach my Light Shaft Mesh to my water surface material, so I’m asking if this is possible through Material Editor, or Blueprint?

Hi JustinD2.

Just by curiosity, have you tried make all the “caustics” by simply assigning a LightFunction Material to your light?
This would ensure that you have the same “caustic drawnings” on ground, sync the animations with LightShafts…

Thank you! Never thought of a way like that.

Tried, but I don’t know how to solve a problem it caused: It would light up more than underwater terrain, but also the land nearby, even if I put the Directional Light underwater…If I’m using the common Point Light, the problem can be solved by hiding it FAR below water, but then the effect isn’t what I wanted, that the light didn’t come from water surface…